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The Practice

Welcome to Oceanlaw New Zealand, the only dedicated marine based law practice in the South Pacific. We adopt a pro-active and specialist philosophy to the practice of law and specialise solely in the following areas of law:

Animal Products
Bio Security
Coastal Resource Management
International Export and Trade
Maori Fisheries & Aquaculture
Marine Pollution
Marine Occupational Health & Safety

Our skilled practitioners are uniquely qualified to advise you on all general, commercial and litigation issues arising in these specialist fields.

Oceanlaw New Zealand is based in New Zealand’s biggest fishing port, providing fishing/aquaculture, primary sector and maritime industries, with expert legal advice and support, both domestically and internationally.

In addition, Oceanlaw New Zealand has a number of strategic alliances that enable us to offer a multi-disciplined and cost-effective approach on all legal, risk management, compliance, policy advice, and issues. We also deliver effective departmental and legislative lobbying services.

Our Philosophy

Oceanlaw NZ takes a pro-active approach. Our philosophy is to encourage clients to seek advice before things go wrong. Drawing on our expertise, international contacts and strategic alliances, we offer our clients a knowledgeable and lateral approach, tailored to the relevant industry, that anticipates problems.

“Oceanlaw prides itself on marshalling the appropriate level of skills and resources to meet every aspect of clients’ needs – whatever the size of the issue or level of complexity.”

Mike Sullivan, Fisheries Consultant

Litigation is always a last resort. Oceanlaw New Zealand, however, has a team of experienced litigators, and we are prepared to take a strong, aggressive and professional stance to litigation when appropriate.