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Marlborough Salmon Farm RELOCATION PROPOSAL


August 2015 Māori Law Review: Māori in the seafood sector (fisheries and aquaculture) the year in review (links to external site)


Plan For The Best.pdf

It’s Not The Size.pdf

King Hit.pdf

Putting differences aside.pdf

June 2014 Māori Law Review: Maori in the seafood sector (fisheries & aquaculture) year in review (links to external site)

Getting smart about IP.pdf

Uneasy lessons to learn.pdf

Northland leading the way.pdf

Storm in a teacup?.pdf

To EPA or not – That is the question.pdf

The ‘Ball & Chain’ approach to Debt collection.pdf


Land based Aquaculture review.pdf

Sustainable Ingenuity.pdf

Greenies get it right.pdf

The Lucy Lawless Law?.pdf

Golden Bay AMAs – A step Closer?.pdf

When Close Quarters means too close.pdf

King Salmon – A question of Appeal.pdf

Peg Legs & Eye Patches.pdf

Next Stage For King Salmon.pdf

Matters of a personnal kind.pdf

Aquacultre Compensation Regulations.pdf


Who Governs the Govenors.pdf

To license or not.pdf


Limitations Qualifications & the Bill.pdf


Artic Shenanigans.pdf


Foriegn Vessels and Crews.pdf

Doubling up on surveys.pdf

Am I getting warmer?.pdf

Abandoned Ships.pdf


Do foreign vessels escape OSH?.pdf

Vessel designs should be fit for purpose.pdf

Kayakers must not lose sight of the law.pdf

Liability of vessel owners part II.pdf

Share Resource Consent concerns.pdf

Whales, protestors, lawyers & drugs.pdf


Maritime cases overseas connection.pdf

Go north young man!.pdf

Close quarters at Toddys patch.pdf

Sustainability vs Fisheries Act 1996.PDF

Obligations to recover fish lost at sea.pdf

Better times ahead for freshwater aquaculture?.pdf

Walk this way.pdf

Safety Should Be Paramount.pdf

Marine Farmers – Up the creek without a paddle?.pdf

Windsurfer tilts at legal Windmills.pdf


Strategies, Policies & the Law.pdf

Beware of Dry Rot.pdf

New Oil Spill Warnings.pdf

A Brave New World in Fisheries Law.pdf


Are your crew trained for their jobs.pdf

Changes to the Fisheries Act.pdf

Coastal Occupation Charges.pdf

Dont abuse the surveyor 060405.pdf


Expedition Yachts.pdf

Compulsory pilotage.pdf

Liability of Classification Societies 25.05.04.pdf

Little and Large Maritime Issues 25.03.04.pdf

Liability for Bio Security Breaches.pdf

Legal Impact of Maritime Terrorist Threat.pdf

Hey You – Get Off My Wharf.pdf

Fuel for a flagging debate.pdf

Marine Mammals Protection Act 1978.pdf

Negligent Ship Survey.pdf

Oil Spills.pdf

Perils of sewerage discharge.pdf

Possessing Unlawful Fish.pdf

Public Access to Private Jetties.pdf

Public Access to Private Jetties.pdf Update


Selling a Rainbow.30.09.03.pdf

Ship registration – some practical guidelines 6.4.05.pdf

Shopping for a flag state.pdf

Skipper fatigue issues.pdf

Some Issues Arising from Recent Maritime Cases.pdf

The case for a Second Register 07.2004.pdf

The IMO and its conventions.pdf

Vessel Arrest.pdf

Vessel Safety Issues.pdf


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